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             Dedicated to the Permanent Healing of Emotional Trama

                                     Julie Cook Downing,

             Community Liaison and Chairman of Advisory Committee

                  ; (941)400-5612





Our Services are Here to Serve Just Like You

As more and more of us become Caregivers and Caretakers, more and more Services and Products will become necessary to empower and support Caregivers. Julie Cook Downing has developed a specialized product line.  Coupled with her ability to reach and connect with ALL Caregivers because of combining her Fortune 500 Corporate HR and Training background with her personal Caregiving experiences, she and her products make for a powerful and rare helping senior in hospital

Julie has been featured on taped, live and call-in radio shows across the nation discussing her book and the importance of Caregiver Empowerment. She was a featured guest on Sarasota’s WSRQ radio talk show discussing her unique and original concept for The Celebration of Family Caregivers. She has presented at both Regional and National Conventions of the National Association for Professional Geriatrics and the Florida Convention for Pulmonary Hypertension.

She has conducted workshops and book signings at Barnes & Noble both in Illinois and Florida and at The Northern Trust Company in Chicago, written about her own personal adventures and wisdom surrounding Caregiving as a columnist for a Senior magazine and was featured as a guest columnist in Today’s Caregiver magazine. As a Guest Speaker and panel member, many groups have benefited from Julie’s abilities to connect with their Caregiver populations.

Julie Cook Downing is available and welcomes addressing a variety of activities related to empowering and supporting the Caregiver including:

  • Book and Calendar Signings
  • Caregiver Support Group Facilitation
  • Caregiver Workshop Design and Leadership covering a wide range of topics including Journaling
  • Consulting for Caregiver Program Implementation
  • Event Planning
  • Fundraising with the Caregivers’ Comfort® Product line
  • Speaking Engagements
  • Wholesale and Retail Product Sales

Call 941-360-3580 or email to discuss your interest in bringing the very best in Caregiver Services, Empowerment, Support and Products to your Caregiver audience.