When I think of March 2016, several activities come to mind:  Spring Cleaning, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter and Daylight Savings Time.  How do these events relate to Caregivers?

Spring Cleaning – It’s time to clear your mind of the many dusty thoughts and feelings you have about your responsibilities and take charge of YOU!!!!  Just like cleaning your residence, you can get rid of the cobwebs and dirt that are keeping you from being good to yourself.


St. Patrick’s Day- One of the many items associated with this holiday is the Luck of the Irish!  But guess what….everyone that’s a Caregiver is NOT Irish so we cannot depend on luck to make us successful Caregivers.  What we must depend on are the actions that will keep us healthy and fit so that we can continue being the Caregiver and not the one requiring care!


Easter – One of the lessons of Easter is rolling back the stones that are keeping you from moving forward.  You may begin anew by reviewing your Caregiving situation and deciding if there are stones you need to remove so that you are renewed.


Daylight Savings Time-Our clocks will spring forward this month and we will have extra daylight!

Extra daylight gives Caregivers the opportunity to spend less time in the dark wondering what to do and how to do it.  More daylight provides more hours of light to illuminate how wonderful it is that you are willing to be a Caregiver.